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About Scott

I started off like most young Magicians.
At 8 years old, Christmas morning under the tree was
a Deluxe Hocus Pocus magic kit.
It would come to be a life-changing Gift.
After doing a few classroom shows, then PTA meetings,
I was asked so many times "Do you to party shows?"
I found myself needing busness cards.
At 10 years old my career had been launched.
In High school, I was constructing my first Metamorphosis Trunk
(of my own design) in wood shop, and casting and
turning magic props in metal shop.
Things worked out well and I won the High School Talent show 2 years straight.

Steelfyre the Enigmatist

He has performed for small parties and large events, full stage productions and corporate parties. 
He specializes in no one kind of magic, as he has a passion for 
learning and continues to  refine his magic,
creating new effects, to add new things to his repertoire. 

Originally from Ventura County, Steelfyre has performed all over
central and southern California for decades. 
Most recently, he has been living and performing mainly in Las Vegas, for just over 15 years. 

Steelfyre is part of the team at 
Jeff McBride's  Magic & Mystery School here in Las Vegas, 
where he is an instructor, videographer, and media manager. 

Steelfyre has been referred to as “One of the best minds in magic”, 
he continues to impress audiences and other magicians alike, 
with his knowledge, abilities, and imagination.

      copyright Scott SteelFyre 2016