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"GHM Magic" by George Millward

Chinese Sticks (Wood Finish) Set of Three by George Millward

"Wood Finish" Chinese Sticks all handmade by George Millward in Las Vegas.
Comes complete with the little "extra" screws in the back of the sticks,
to add the "cutting string" bit, that Roy Benson used to do.

These sticks have a great weight and feel and operate so smoothly. They are just a dream to work with. 
Set of three sticks plus extra string.

The Millward Wooden Finish sticks are 11" Long 
Made of metal tubing, heavy brass weights. Each stick weighs approx. 3/4 of a pound.

$325.00 + Shipping


George Millward Dye Tube

Been looking for a good "Dye Tube?" I have just the right one for you.
Handmade in brass by George Millward, these dye tubes are just perfect for the color changing silk routine. The good news is that these dye tubes will enable you to do the routine with 24" silks.
Tube is 2 3/4" long and 1 1/8" inside diameter
and has the cloth tape divider to prevent the extra silk from popping out.

$30.00 + Shipping

Complete Ball and Cone by George Millward

Here is a most beautiful Ball and Cone outfit from George Millward. Complete set comes with a gorgeous black leather cone 7" high with a 2 1/2" mouth diameter, 3 real Snooker balls 2 1/8" (2 White and 1 Red), 20 page instruction booklet, and a full instructional DVD by George Millward. One of magic's true classics performed and taught by a true master

$140.00 + Tax(NV) & Shipping


George Millward Lecture Notes

George Millward has been around along time. He has so much knowledge about magic, he is one of the "go to" guys with questions and advice. Here are his 47 page lecture notes.
Contents include:
*INTRODUCTION-George's thoughts and theory on performing magic.
*SPELLBOUND-This is George's coin routine combining Dai Vernon's Spellbound and Ross Bertram's Double Cross (Both from Stars of Magic). This has been entirely re-routined with some of George's ideas and complete patter as performed by George.
*THE STOP TRICK-This can be a show stopper when it comes to cards. George uses this ALWAYS when he performs close up. Based on Harry Riser's method, this "stop anywhere" card effect is very strong.
*NEW DEVIL'S MIRACLE-This is Dick Kester's simplified handing of this classic D'amico/Marlo card effect.
*MY SILK ACT-This is George's complete silk routine right out of his bird act that he used to do years ago. Color Change, Production, 20th Century, and Blendo all worked out into one smooth routine.
High impact, visual magic.
Well illustrated with full color photos and large printing for easy reading

$25.00 + shipping

Allan Scott


Band Writer



Scott SteelFyre


Found in a hollowed out leg of a piece of Church furniture in the late 1900s.
The Salem Blood Test was created in 1693 in response to the outlandish trials in Salem.
The Blood Test reveals for the first time a true test for evil Witch or Warlock Blood.

The method for the test is outlined in an old scroll:
  1. Relax the "Sample Blood" by placing drops on the five points of a pentagram drawn in chalk or black parchment.
  2. "Recant." Table salt, as it is said that it burns the skin and boils the blood of evil ones, is sprinkled in the center of the circle.
  3. "Watch Carefully." Depending on the amount of evil, the reaction can be from nothing to a slight steam to a violent burning of the blood and, in extreme cases, bursting into flames completely consuming the parchment.

    Comes with enough for 13 performances:
  • 13 black parchments
  • Evil blood bottle with dropper
  • "Instructional scroll" (age to your liking)
  • Instructional DVD with many hints and ideas for performance and aging of the props
  • Evil blood & Chalk

    $75.00 + shipping & handling
This is a fire effect and should not be sold to anyone under 18 years of age and is for entertainment purposes only. Manufacturer is not responsible in any way for product misuse.

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